Sunday Recap


So last night was a busy night for me..  One of the only nights this week with actual new shows since it was Thanksgiving and all of the Awards shows were on last week.  But in any case, last night, there was first Tough Love.  This week, the girls had to take their sexy pictures.  In case you missed it or didn’t watch last season, the girls are required to take professional photos in the outfit they think is the sexiest.  They are their own director and can do whatever they want to.  After the photos are done, they are shown to a panel of two guys to see how well they did.  Some of the girls nailed it, and others were told they looked like they belonged on the side of a bus selling real estate.  But one girl was less than satisfied with her results, because she knows what men want.  Taylor.  Need I say more?  If you watch the show, you know she is back from last season and isn’t really afraid to speak her mind to Chris, or anyone for that matter.  She is a veteran, and apparently that is what gave her the right to lash out on Missy and scream.  Now the two girls are being separated.  Just another day in the life of Miss T. Royce.

Then, there was the Girls Nextdoor.  They start the episode off with Krystal going home to visit Mommy Dearest and for the “first time in years” listening to a recording her dad made for her right before passing away.  These girls are the epitome of staged reality television.  It’s like the producers WANT them to be idiotic, and complete copycats of the original cast (OC).  Dinner at Mary’s talking about how she is SUCH A SPITFIRE! Gag me.  Holly and Mary were tight.  Kendra and Mary’s husband bonded over football, and Bridget was just there for the ride and to sound stupid.  I MISS THAT.  I mean, I know  they all have moved on with their lives, but Kendra’s show needs to come back, and Bridget and Holly need to make guest appearances every episode.  Move in right nextdoor to help the poor girl out with her new bundle of joy!  But that’s an opinion for another day.  That was Last Night In Reality TV.


So, I know this is a day late, but Monday night was the SERIES FINALE of Jon&Kate Plus 8.  At first, I was forcing myself to watch it, when Jon had the kids and basically let them run wild.  Then, Kate had the kids.  I have always thought that she was a complete (excuse my language) bitch.  But, the finale really made me realize WHY she is the way she is.  If she hadn’t been pushing Jon all of these years and bossing him around, the divorce would have happened a LOT sooner..  Having eight kids, is no easy task as a single parent, granted she has all of these people to help (THANK GOD), but she seems to have it all under control.. It’s like she has eyes in the back of her head, which I’m sure you learn to have with six 5 year olds…

It really seemed like it was just another episode of the show,  until Kate started talking in the background about how they didn’t even now that this was the last filming.  Jon wasn’t even in the end.  He was in the first 30 minutes then disappeared.  Go figure.  The finale really made me change my view on the whole family,  Jon always held a soft spot in my heart, but now Kate has a spot of her own.

Sunday Funday


So on the Girls, I’m super excited tha Bridget returned and spiced things up a bit.  The girls need to stop being so over protective of Heff.  He has been with every woman over the age of 25 with breasts bigger than a C.  It’s really annoying.  Then they decided to raise money for AIDS.  That was nice of them, but I’m not convinced it wasn’t scripted.

Speaking of scripted, Leave it to Lamas.  Opening with Shayne saying how much she loves the nail salon they are in because they have the best martinis.. really? I’ve never been to a nail salon where they liquor you up.. are they that bad at painting nails that they have to get you drunk to tip them?  So, this week, Shayne and her dad Lorenzo are throwing a birthday party for her grandmother.  Before she goes though, of course she drops her dog Maddie off at a “Doggie Hotel.”  It is also Shayne’s DREAM in life for her dad and brother AJ to make up and be civilized, and tonight, it seems like they might.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen, but it did.  AJ starts to pay his family back and even manages to HUG his dad, who realizes that if he doesn’t push him to be a man, no one else will and he will just keep going down the path he is on.  It really was a touching moment.

Super Exciting


Only TWO DAYS people!!!! Of course I’m talking about the Jon and Kate SERIES FINALE! God knows though that we’re never going to hear the end of their stupid divorce and who they may or may not be hooking up with.  I don’t care!  I’m just excited that it’s over!

And one note on TV in general, the commercials, EVERY talk show, EVERYTHING is talking about New Moon.. I AM SICK OF IT!  Get over it people, it’s a stupid movie.

So, last night was the season 2 premier of Tough Love, and let me tell you, I have fallen in love all over again!  The show replaced Tool Academy, which I was sad to see the season end, but SO happy to see the return of TL Vet, Taylor Royce.  At the end of season 1, we all thought she had figured herself out and stopped her gold digging ways, but clearly there is a deeper issue for the girl.  Although, it may just have been a publicity thing since she was the show’s most popular, and is an actress.. Who knows, but I for one can not WAIT to see what is going down this season.  It looks even more fun than last season.  The girls going on dates and getting quizzed on their man.. I personally think it’s hilarious that they’re getting dunked in a dunk tank if they get the answer wrong.  I would be more likely to remember every word out of the man’s mouth if someone were threatening to dunk me if I didn’t!

Then, there was the Girls Nextdoor.. Seriously, I have lost interest.  STOP COPYING THE ORIGINAL.  If you want to make it interesting, don’t let Krystal be a Playmate, don’t have them all buddie up to Mary, Heff’s assistant.  And really, no girl is that obsessed with their dog.  I mean, it’s all for show.  I love my dog, but enough already, I would never throw my dog a birthday party or torture it and dye her pink.  That is just cruel.



Alright, so, Lamas.. I’m not too sure how I feel about this show anymore.  I liked it at first, but honestly, it has gotten SO annoying.  Shayne seems to think being on the Bachelor somehow makes her a celebrity.. Last time I checked, it doesn’t, but hey, if you want to be an actress, good luck.  Then, there’s AJ, her obnoxiously irratable brother.  Stop yelling please. All AJ does is SCREAM at his sisters.  Seriously, if I were her mother, I would kick him out of the house. But, I’m not, thank GOD! Anyways, AJ is going to auditions for acting.  I don’t know how he is going to not get the part he is auditioning for.. An angry drug addict.. And Shayne, is modeling for a Hispanic Maxim.  She’s pretty, yes, but does every pretty blonde get to be famous or have a reality TV show?

I am SO completely done with E!’s reality TV shows, besides the Kardashians, they have FINALLY got some new material.  To put it in the words of Heff’s former girlfriend, Holly Madison, “They need to find something else to do.” We are all tired of girls complaining about their weight, being stupid, and trying to have an acting career.

Then, there are these new Girls Nextdoor… Seriously, Krystal, stop trying to BE Holly.  It’s NOT cool.  I mean, Holly is great, probably one of my favorite reality TV stars, but really, we don’t need two fake laughers calling Heff “Honeyyy.”  And her testing to be a Playmate.  Not interrested.  Holly, Bridget, and Kendra have done all of this and did it so much better than these girls.  The twins are trying to be a little different because they do know the three origional Girls, but they are still taking their episodes, and making them a bit different.  Rather than doing a work out video, they are doing pole dancing.  Tomorrow night is the season premier of Tough Love, which I am COMPLETELY looking forward to because I love those girls. Can’t wait!!

So, last night was a pretty emotional night to say the least.  I will start off with The Kardashian Wedding.  The entire episode was super emotional.  I wanted to cry the entire time.  Khloe and Bruce have an extremely heart wrenching moment.  After the rehersal dinner, where Bruce broke down and told Khloe how proud he was of her and all she has done and the decision she made to marry Lamarr, Khloe asked Bruce to walk her down the aisle and give her away at the wedding.  The wedding was beautiful to say the least.  For being thrown together in nine days, it was a pretty amazing wedding. 

Still on the idea of weddings, on the season finale of Tool Academy on VH1 last night, the final two “tools” faced off against eachother in washing a car with their girlfriend.  Tyler and Shea won that challenge by mere inches.  They won a romantic date, but honestly, they are a pretty trashy couple in my opinion.  Then, there was T-Shaw and Nicole.  I am in love with them and clearly, so is the Tool Academy.  T-Shaw was the sole graduate of the academy this season, and the winner of $100,000.  T-Shaw proved how much he was in love with Nicole by exiting his commencement ceremony and telling her much he loved her and was so sorry for his toolish behavior all throughout their relationship.  I will admit, I started crying.  I was so happy for them.  But wait, there’s more.. He proposed, and of course, she said yes! It was my favorite moment in TV yet.

Next week, in the place of Tool Academy, Tough Love is coming back. I CAN NOT WAIT.  I’m pretty upset though that it’s a new cast because I was in love with the girls of last season, but I’m sure I can easily be swayed to love these new girls too.